This is what Democracy looks like!
  • The country is deeply divided.
  • Anger and fustration explode after an agonizingly close election.
  • The President continues to spend more and more money to pursue a war that achieves nothing while producing more and more bodies.
  • Civil rights and personal freedoms are disapearing.
  • Demonstrations against the administration build, while dissent is labeled as unpatriotic.

  • Today's headlines?


    ... it's the Spring of 1970!

    Peace Now

             During three days in May of 1970, students at a U.S. university take over the administration building to protest the Vietnam War and the invasion of Cambodia. While the world careens through yet another historical crisis, they demand an end to the war, an end to ROTC on campus, and better quality pizza. They argue, laugh, cry, flirt, debate, chant, scream, plot, sing and dance in the Presidentís office while they overlook the rapidly growing tension and chaos in the streets below, until it all boils to a surprising conclusion.

             After decades of being ignored, vilified or stereotyped, see the Vietnam War protestors from an honest perspective. Come inside the occupied campus building and live through the anger, fear and political arguments that ring as true today as they did then.

             Peace Now is a story that needs to be told about issues that need to be discussed. This play, for the first time, addresses these issues from a first hand perspective of the college campus takeovers of the 60ís and 70ís.